Photo Restoration Service

Photo Restoration Service

Bringing Old Prints Back to Life




Image Restoration

Every time I visit my parents I always look through old albums and printed photographs – those memories of my childhood, and my family heirloom are so very precious to me. Unfortunately some of them got scratched or damaged over time but I was able to restore my favorites and now I’m ready to help you with yours! Photo Restoration Service is unique to each photograph and requires different approach each and every time, but with my extensive knowledge and skills in retouching software, there is no challenge I would not take!

Simple Restoration – $50

  • Minor Color Correction
  • Faded/Yellowed
  • Small Damaged Area (Scratched, Wrinkles)

General Restoration – $70

  • Missing Minor Facial Features
  • Medium Damaged Area (Scratched, Wrinkles)
  • Paper wrinkles over the detailed areas, including the facial features

Advanced Restoration – varies

  • Missing Large Areas of the Image
  • Heavily Damaged Area (Scratched, Wrinkles)

Each restored image comes with 5×7 mounted archival print and digital copy of the file (jpeg)


Contact me to get free estimate on Photo Restoration Service. You can either attach a copy of your damaged photograph (phone image will work) to a message and I will get back to you within 48 hours with no obligation quote, or you can meet with me in my studio and I will evaluate damage right away.

Photo Restoration Service



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