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Portrait Artist – Sylwia Ok

Annapolis Newborn Photographer




Sylwia Ok [Sil-vee-uh Ohk] A portrait artist and certified profesional photographer.

Photography is part of my life that I could not possibly live without – it’s my passion, my everyday inspiration, my lifestyle, challenge and exciting adventure! It allows me to discover something new and beautiful with the click of the shutter.

The dream of becoming a newborn photographer planted deep inside of me about 10 years ago but it was not until late 2011 that I finally make it a reality. It’s a true joy for me to help others document their new beginnings and create beautiful classic and timeless portraits of their brand new babies. I’m highly experienced with handling newborns in safe manner and often referred as a baby whisperer by my clients.

I adore simplicity and organic style, both in my personal and professional life. Just as my closet is full of all shades of gray and beige, so is my studio and props that I love to use during my sessions. In a spare time I love creating my own props and found knitting and sewing relaxing and allowing me to offer something unique for each of my client.

When not in my studio, you can find me with my little baby girl, Sophie who was just born in June 2016 and my amazing husband of 14 years, Seni. I simply can’t imagine my life without them and they make my life and heart complete.

If you are looking for a maternity and/or newborn and baby photographer in Maryland and you love my galleries, contact me and let me start designing a perfect session for you!




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